Mayhem 3-7p


I grew up a child of ADHD and too much sugar. My parents told me I could be anything I wanted when I grew up, so I chose to be a disappointment. As a kid of Smalltown, WA I learned the finer things in life, like how to make dirt, rocks, and sticks fun.

I was always the first to crack a joke, and after years honing my craft of being the loudest person in the room I was just glad to discover there was a career for this.

I started radio in Seattle working hours most people don't know exist and sleeping on studio floors. My first time live on the mic? I fumbled my words...Great start! It was destiny.

Fueled by energy drinks and fast food, though, I managed to make it on air during the daylight a year later, and now you can hear me on your drive home from work.

Catch me Weekday Afternoons from 3PM-7PM on HOT 96.9.

You can also pop by my Facebook, CJ On Hot 96.9, or Twitter, @OnAirCJ, where I'm normally.


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